About Marc Brothers

For years it gnawed away at him, slowly but surely wrestling itself to the surface. When in the end there was no use in denying it any longer, and his love for music became his most powerful and most trusted advisor. A far-too-long kept secret of the Dutch underground, too eclectic to be put in between boundaries. Defined by a profound integrity, threatened to be lost in a commercial industry, Marc Brothers delivers the quality of a true artist.

Driven by passion and a sublime conception of live performance, Marc Brothers knows how to drive up the tension beyond an unprecedented height like any other. From blazing electro to massive progressive, and from groovy tech beats to laid back deephouse. Every set is a moving story that takes hold of you and doesn’t let go, fluently and solely mixed on the hearing of a professional.

Working his way up as a producer, he recently launched ‘Stay Right There’ in the Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool and ended up on the first place. His experience as a dj seeps into his productions, manifesting an undeniable sound and talent. Genres are obstacles and restrictions are to be forgotten. Marc Brothers shakes up the scene and creates a sound without a terminus.